Black Power Theatre, Inc. is a contemporary cultural arts non-profit organization, located in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. The theater is focused on the artistic talents of the African diaspora. Black Power Theatre, Inc. provides a place where African, Caribbean and Black-American representation is not only celebrated, but cultivated.

We are proud to open our doors in one of the first locations of the African diaspora. A place where rich culture is already celebrated. This New Black Arts Movement is focused on supporting the creative expression of emerging: playwrights, actors, artists, poets, photographers and writers.

The theater is a major force in re-establishing the artistic pride historically marginalized and disenfranchised in the Arts.

Black Power Theatre, Inc. has an international presence...The importance of establishing a distinct voice in the Arts today, is understanding that our talents and artistic  creativity must be expressed and celebrated on a international level. As an international theater company, we ensure that our productions, showcase art galleries and even our poetry slams are exhibited not only in the Caribbean but Black Power Theatre, Inc. has upcoming events in Africa, America and Italy.

Coming Soon...Black Power Theatre, Inc. will present its first international production:

"Le Stagioni Del Corpo" at Castellar Ponzano in Northern Italy.

*Our first installment of many - where we collaborate with other cultures to showcase and share Black talent on an international level! We want the world to know we are powerful in the Arts!*

Erica Taroppio, Production Manager (Piedmont, Italy)

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Black Power Theatre, Inc. is a movement; an artistic movement focused on activities centered on showcasing incredible talents. Our theater company is comprised of individuals that understand the importance of ancestry, culture, and pride. We are committed to sharing our unique talents with the world.

Coming Soon Theater Company Staff Profiles...stay tuned to get to know our:

Theater Company & Board of Directors Members.

Assata Afua - Founder/Artistic Director  | December Jones - Financial Planner | Shyquan Jones - Social Media Manager | Jaiz Simspon - Talent Coordinator | Xian Jones - Facilities Manager | Rascio Oquendo Sr., Evolution Sound Lab -Sound Stage Consultant| Lorraine Gray -Camera Production Consultant | Nayda Young - Costume & Wardrobe Designer

Board Members: Assata Afua -President |Angel Bolques Jr. -Treasurer | Secretary - Jacqueline Abramson

Special thanks to all our countless volunteers!

Our Mission:

To offer a platform where African, Caribbean and Black-American artistic expression is not only celebrated, but cultivated. To support and promote emerging and established playwrights and artists; providing robust artistic workshops, seminars and theatrical productions, centered on uplifting Black communities and sharing that creativity worldwide. 


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