Creativity Spotlight

We are proud to introduce the first spotlight artist of the Black Power Theatre.

BRIGHT MENSAH is an amazing young artist from Africa.

Bright is a talented artist at the Baobab School for Trades and Traditional Arts located near Cape Coast, Africa. The Baobab School provides poverty stricken individuals an opportunity to learn a trade or cultivate their artistic talents in hopes of making a better life for themselves, their families and their villages. We seek out these exemplary talents and give them the platform to express themselves and share their talents not only with the Black Power Theatre community but with the world. Bright's use of vibrant colors are captivating. His work takes us into his world and draws us a cultural picture that depicts a happiness and a playfulness.

We recognize that the artists we work with make Black Power Theatre unique and a force in the New Black Arts Movement. So we applaud and thank Bright for allowing us to showcase his beautiful artwork!

"Thank you, Bright, Black Power Theatre applauds and appreciates your artistic genius!" - Assata Afua


Message from the Artist: 

“I come from Komenda Sefwi, a small village in the Central Region.  I was a student at a Preparatory School sponsored by Baobab until my sickness didn’t allow me to continue my education.  Before I came to the Baobab School for Trades and Traditional Arts I was idle in the house because I am physically challenged and find it difficult to move around.  I used to draw because it has been my dream to be an artist since I was 7 years old. It was at Baobab that I learnt to paint and it makes me proud to use my imagination and be creative.  I get my ideas from looking at the world around me. I want people from outside to see my culture and where I am coming from. I enjoy using bright colors - it makes me feel good. Some of my work, both paintings and handmade postcards, have been sold in Germany and I use the income to buy more painting materials I want to be a great artist.” Bright Mensah, 22